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What is the Gateway Health Card?

The Gateway Health Card is an annual medical discount program; it is not insurance and may be used at any Gateway Urgent Care and also for special discounts have been negotiated with other medical providers.  See our business directory for more information.

The Gateway Health Card
is intended for people without insurance or patients that only carry Major Medical Insurance (also known as high deductible insurance).

The Gateway Health Card cannot be used if you wish to bill your insurance for the care you receive at our locations and cannot be used with any U.S. government plan (Medicare, AHCCCS).

What is covered with the Gateway Health Card?

Almost all services provided at our clinics are covered, including X-rays*.

Your membership DOES NOT cover the following:

  • Prescription Medications
  • DME Equipment (Crutches, Splints, boots, etc)
  • ER/Hospitalizations
  • Immunizations/Vaccines
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Auto Injuries
  • Services performed by outside facilities (Specialists, Referrals, lab work done outside of the clinic)
  • DOT Physicals and Drug Screens
*There is a $10 x-ray over read fee that will be charged that is paid to the radiologist for the over read of the x-ray.
What is the cost of the Gateway Health Card membership?
The Gateway Health Care annual membership is very affordable.  There are two levels:  Individual and Family.  The costs are as follows:

Gateway Health Card Individual Membership $269

Gateway Health Card Family Membership* $399

Employers that would like to sponsor their workers should contact us at (480)499-0201 or

There is a $25 charge at each visit and additional $10 charge for x-ray to pay for the radiologist overread of the x-ray.  Outside labs, medications and equipment are all extra. 

*Family memberships include the primary member, spouse and all children/ legal dependents living in the home age 18 and under.  Single, full-time students age 24 or less also are included.
When can I start using the Gateway Health Card?
Program benefits are availiable for use the day after purchase.
How do I add family members to my Gateway Health Card membership?
To add a family member, hover over your name on the left side of the screen and click on the 'profile' options. Next, select the 'additional members in your account' link. From there, you will be able to add all qualifying family members to your account.